Our Vision

Set Your Job Free.


In 2010, I had had enough.  I had an MBA and 4 years of successfully running a small business.  The time was right for me to try my hand at freelancing. 

Six months later, I knew I had made a mistake.  Despite my college degrees, my 'real world' experience, and my drive, I failed as a freelancer and found myself unhappily employed once again.  I didn't have what it took. 

I spent the next 6 years recovering, observing, and preparing.  And in 2016, I tried it again.  This time I really had done my homework and this time I was going to make it work.


I could write a book on how different my second attempt has been.  After years of working for people I didn't respect, not having the freedom I thought I deserved, and making sacrifices to grow someone else's business, launching a successful freelance business has been a life-changing experience for me (not exaggerating). 

I founded Unfederated in 2017 to share that experience with others just like me - folks who dreamt of the freedom and fulfillment that comes with a successful solo business. 

I am glad you have joined me on this journey.  Together we will be successful. 


Rob Bettis
Founder, Unfederated

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