The Future of Freelancing


For years, 'freelancer' has been slang for person between jobs.  It has stood as a second-rate career choice or signified someone who couldn't keep a job.  But the reality of today's economy is so much different. 

Today, there are millions of people who could get jobs, but they don't want them.  They aren't in between jobs, they are working their dream job.  Although it doesn't have the prestige of a corner off and leather-bound books, it has the freedom and flexibility that many professionals only dream about.

The United States is riding the wave of a major shift in its workforce.  In less than 10 years from now, freelancers will become the majority portion of the US workforce. And with that shift comes an overwhelming need for freelancers to legitimize, solidify, and grow their businesses. 


Unfederated is here for that very purpose.  Founded by an MBA with a decade of professional service and freelance experience, Unfederated is uniquely positioned to help freelancers like us take our businesses to new heights.  It is high-time that we build a business for ourselves - a business that works around our life instead of being the center of it. 

The internet has created the field.  Now let's get to work.  Let's decide what we want from our careers and let's build the perfect business to support it.  Today is the day. 

And the best news of all - you are not alone.  Sure, you can go faster alone.  But we can go further together.  Unfederated is the hub for the education and community you need to be successful. We are thrilled to have you here. 


57 Million

Freelancers in the US


Year the number of Freelancers will eclipse non-freelancers



of US Workforce

1.4 Trillion

Earnings contribution to US economy